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Danny Lents, custom software developer

I've been writing custom software since 1995.

What if you had a custom software application that met your specific needs?

What if you had a custom data management system you could access at home and on travel?

I develop custom web or desktop software to meet your specific needs. Contact me if you need a custom software solution to:

  • manage data remotely
  • implement your idea in software
  • automate a manual process
  • create/improve your web site

Experienced Software Developer

I am an experienced software developer based in San Antonio, TX with a network of other senior software developers that I team with for larger projects.

I've developed custom software since 1995 implementing solutions for a wide range of projects. I developed firmware for a spacecraft mission that successfully impacted comet Tempel 1 on the 4th of July in 2005. I've developed websites, remote data management systems, desktop applications, and everything in between.

Since 2009, my focus has been on custom software development using Microsoft's .NET platform, the C# programming language, and SQLServer / MySQL databases.

I would enjoy speaking with you about your project or idea that would benefit from a custom software development solution. The best solutions are discovered through a software development philosophy that encourages the open exchange of ideas between people who are committed to solving a problem.

Need a custom software application for your business?

Ideally, you'll find an off-the-shelf product to solve your needs. Sometimes, you could benefit from a custom software solution developed to fit your needs exactly. Why pay for features you may never use or for a subscription/licensing fee that never ends?

Maybe you have a great idea for a software solution in your area of expertise, but you need an experienced software developer to develop the program without having the overhead costs of a large software development company.

I have a broad range of experience in commercial, industrial, and military custom software development.

Need to manage, collect, or process your data remotely?

Data management software balances business data needs.

Do you ever feel like your organization is having difficulty keeping its balance between the organization growth and the need to get a handle on the data management needs?

It's possible to manage your business data with manual pencil and paper methods or with spreadsheets for a while, but a growing business reaches a point where losing control of your data management has a significant negative impact on your financial outlook.

Many businesses, laboratories, and other organizations rely on data maintained in a database. I can develop custom software applications that allow you to manage and interact with your data remotely.

Need an experienced software developer just for a specific project?

You may not want to hire an experienced software engineer as a full time staff member for a single software development project. Call me. I am always looking for opportunities to team with companies for custom software development on a project basis.

Need a website to promote your business?

Consumers expect businesses to have a website. You may need a dynamic, data-driven website to increase the efficiency or functionality of your business.

A clean, informative website represents your business 24 hours a day. A well designed website adds to your business credibility. You can use your web address on business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials. Your email address will include your web address instead of a @yahoo, @gmail, etc.

Working directly with an experienced software developer has advantages.

A senior developer with a broad range of custom software development experience can provide enhanced value that may replace contributions of two or more less experienced developers. A junior developer may not have experience with a diverse set of required skills such as database development and programming, architectural design, and user interface design. There is often a higher return on your investment with contracting a single senior custom software developer.

Some of the advantages of contracting with a senior custom software developer include:

  • Reduced cost
    • No need for expensive meetings between a large group of software developers
    • No overhead costs associated with a large software development company
    • You have no employee benefits costs for an independent contractor
  • You get a senior software developer working on your project. Larger companies often use junior developers with oversight by a senior developer.
  • Experience in all phases of custom software development to include
    • Requirements gathering and documentation
    • Architectural and user interface design
    • Modular, object-oriented software development
    • Software testing
    • Custom software deployment
    • Training and custom software usage documentation
    • Custom software maintenance
  • Understanding your technical requirements as well as the underlying business need.
  • Designing with consideration of integrating future needs and features.
  • Direct communication between you and the software developer.
  • Reduced communication errors.

Developing Your Custom Software Remotely

I am based in San Antonio, Texas but developing custom software solutions for customers outside of the San Antonio area is not a limitation. You and I can accomplish almost everything via Internet communications. Web based applications are particularly easy to collaborate because I will develop your custom web site/application on a testing server that you can login to 24 hours a day to monitor progress and provide feedback.

Custom Software Development Is My Passion

Custom software development is like several people building a puzzle.

I am very fortunate to have an occupation that I love. Software transforms ideas into products. Analyzing a complex process, breaking it down into manageable pieces and then creating a custom software solution is an amazing experience. It's similar to several people collaborating on a puzzle; each piece adds an important element to the end result.

I enjoy the enthusiasm and excitement of entrepreneurs and well established businesses -- people who are forward-looking and creating products that enrich others. My customers have direct communication with me throughout the design and development process. There is a rewarding synergy when there is an open exchange of ideas between people who are committed to solving a problem.

Software provides a means to connect - people, data, collaboration. Many of the popular and successful applications today are centered around connecting people and ideas. Do you have an idea that needs a custom software solution to help people connect or collaborate?

Software can make tedious and complex tasks easier and more efficient. Software solutions excel at performing a process the same way every time.

I look forward to discussing your ideas with you. Call me at (210) 387-0875 or send an email to