Blue Canyon Software Philosophy

A Philosophy


A passion for creating solutions that make a difference and exceed goals separates those who excel from the average.

The best solutions are discovered through the open exchange of ideas between people who are committed to solving a problem.

An Engineering Process

Reliable software is created by experienced software developers using the solid foundation of an engineering process.

Turning your vision into a reality requires attention to each element of the software development life cycle:

Requirements Design Development Testing
Deployment Training Maintenance  


Good communication between you and a software engineer developing your custom software solution is critical. You and I will have direct contact throughout the development process -- there are no middle layers of management.

I will document your vision during the design phase. We'll reach a consensus for naming elements of the design so that we can clearly and accurately discuss the solution to fit your needs. The design document will identify your requirements and serve as the basis for development.

I create web-based solutions on a testing server that you'll have access to 24 hours a day. The testing server provides an opportunity to monitor progress and communicate feedback as the solution is developed.